Dog owners take more images of their pets than of their spouse

Dog owners take more images of their pets than of their spouse

(WSVN) - It’s no secret that many dog owners love to take photos of their pups, but according to a study, dog owners may actually take more photos of their pet than of their spouse.

According to a study by, an online network that connects dog owners with pet services, about 65 percent of dog owners admitted to taking more photos of their canine friends than they do of their own life partner.

However, that’s not the only instance in which pet owners focus on their dog more than their partner.

According to the study:

    One in four dog owners have brought their pet on a date.
    47 percent of pet owners admit that they’d find it harder to leave their pet for a week than a human partner.
    56 percent of dog owners will greet their pet before anyone else in their home.
    54 percent of dog owners said they would consider ending a relationship if their dog didn’t like their partner.

The study also found that pet ownership is on the increase, and modern pet parents are humanizing their pets and are now trying to bring their dogs as much joy as they bring them.


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